Welcome to our site!

We have developed this web site to provide information to those we serve through out our fire service area. We hope you find the information helpful in learning about our district and how to be safe in and out of your residence.

Mission Statement
"To provide quality emergency medical services and fire protection to our community"

Vision Statement
"North County Fire & EMS will provide superior customer service with a professional, cost effective organization and respond to the needs of the communities."

  • Core Values
    • Integrity - For the organization and personnel to be known as a honest and trustworthy organization.
    • Family - We believe in the importance of family both personally and professionally.
    • Teamwork - We cultivate relationships based on trust, respect and camaraderie. We are committed to work together.
    • Pride - We are proud to be part of a traditional organization that embraces innovation, promotes diversity, and recognizes achievement.
    • Leadership - We lead by example and strive to exhibit competence, integrity. and professionalism. We empower every member of the organization to be actively involved regardless.

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Current Information

First Aid & CPR Classes


Next 3 Classes
04/27/2019 - Saturday
05/18/2019 - Saturday
06/07/2019 - Friday

Anyone can learn CPR & First Aid and everyone should!! . . .

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Fire Academy


Next Academy: 2019-02

Starts: September - 2019

Seats Remaining: 30

We offer two Fire Academies per year. The first academy class usually starts in the first quarter of the year. with the second one starting in the fourth quarter of the year.

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Outdoor Burning Information

Outdoor Burning Allowed

To view additional outdoor burning information, to include alternative to outdoor burning, click on the "Learn More" button below.

Please remember to burn responsibly, be considerate of your neighbors, and to burn in accordance to all applicable burn regulations.

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