Community Outreach || Station Tours

Citizens of all ages are invited to tour one of our 3 fire stations to get to know the firefighters in your community and learn how they serve you.

Station 90 - Kackman
3002 252nd St NE
Arlington, WA 98223
Station 96 - Freeborn
3231 300th Street NW
Stanwood, WA 98292
Station 97 - Warm Beach
19727 Marine Drive
Stanwood, WA 98292
Station 99 - Stanwood
8117 267th Street NW
Stanwood, WA 98292

To arrange a visit call (360) 629-2184 or email our Administrative Assistant

  • When making arrangements please provide the following information:

    • Your address so that we can determine the closest fire station
    • Two dates in case one is not available
    • The time you would like to visit
    • The number of persons in the group
    • The approximate age of the visitors
    • Any special purpose or needs associated with your visit
  • Please remember these important facts when visiting:

    • Include an adequate number of adult chaperones
    • Visits may be abruptly ended or postponed if personnel must respond to an emergency