Community Resource Paramedic

The Community Resource Paramedic (CRP) program is a new program soon to be offered by the North County Regional Fire Authority (NCRFA). Its development began in February of 2019, and is expected to be operational in July of this same year.

The program is rapidly nationally becoming more prevalent in the fire service. The work of the CRP is to identify people who have "fallen through the cracks" in the traditional health model and connect those persons with health and safety resources to reduce emergency calls on the line personnel. The proactive outreach saves time, money, lives and effort of those line personnel. Our CRP will also be able to assist in responding to 911 calls for emergent and non-emergent patients. However, the primary purpose of the position is to mitigate injuries before they occur or prevent future issues.

Our program, in partnership with North Sound Accountable Community of Health, will also work with people released from hospitals on a plan for taking medications as prescribed or keeping follow-up appointments. The goal is to keep patients from needing a return trip to the hospital.

North County Fire also partners with more than 50 social service agencies that can provide patients with both medical and non-medical assistance that is often less costly and more effective in meeting their true needs. The goal is to help clients remain in their home.

Community Resource Paramedic Contact Information

Station 97 - Warm Beach
19727 Marine Dr
Stanwood WA. 98292

Station Ph:  (360) 652-1246

Community Resource Paramedic

Darin Reid — Paramedic
Community Resource Paramedic

(360) 502-6183 - Cell Phone