Fire Service Explorer Program

The North Snohomish County Fire Explorer Program provides the opportunity for high school and college students to become familiar with career opportunities available in the fire service and related fields.

Through classroom instruction, hands-on training, and volunteer work, Explorers are provided a base of knowledge and experiences that will benefit them not only in fire service careers, but also in all future endeavors.

The program is designed to encourage teamwork, cooperation, effective communication, the development of leadership skills, and to provide knowledge of fire protection and safety.

  • Objectives:
    • Identify career fields that are related to the fire service.
    • Provide career path advisement and information.
    • Teach fire safety education.
    • Assist the community through volunteer work in fire safety education and related community service work.
    • Identify and discuss the organizational components of a fire department.
    • Identify and discuss the departments and organizations that interface with the fire department.
    • Identify and perform the basic duties required of an entry-level firefighter.
  • Program
    • The Fire Explorer Program is managed by (2) Lieutenants at North County Regional Fire Authority, and other fire service personnel as needed acting as Program Managers.
    • It is the intent of the North County Regional Fire Authority to organize the Explorer Program to operate in an environment that promotes maximum internal management. Explorers are offered the opportunity to advance to leadership positions where they will be allowed to develop interpersonal effectiveness and management skills.
    • Candidates must be between the ages of 14 and 21 years old, and must have competitive social, physical, and academic skills. Candidates must possess the potential to be hired by a fire department or an organization similar to the fire department in function. Meetings will consist of classroom instruction and practical applications allowing exposure to fire and rescue equipment and techniques. Meetings must also manage a business portion as needed.
    • Meeting will be held a minimum of three times a month.
  • Requirements
    • Candidates must be between 14 and 21 years of age.
    • Candidates shall pass a criminal background check.
    • Candidates must possess/maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or equivalent in school course work.
    • Download / Complete Application

The hopeful young adult must initiate application to the Explorer Program by contacting the Program Manager/Senior Advisor.

The candidate will compose a "Letter of Intent" describing their interest in the fire service, or related field, and their goals of what they hope to earn/contribute to the Explorer Post.

When an opening arises the Program Leader/Senior Advisor shall read all letters that have been received (composer of the letter will remain anonymous and the decision will be based on the persuasive content of the document). Explorers will vote using a secret ballot to be tallied by the Program Leader/Senior Advisor.

The successful candidate will enter the post and receive full privileges of membership.

For more information please contact Captain Matt Fleischbein at (360) 629-2184

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