Water Rescue

North County Fire / EMS has a specialized surface water rescue program which is coordinated and supervised by Captain Matt Johnsen. The programs training and annual requirements are lead and instructed by Firefighter's Eric Johnson, and Patrick Fournier, who have spent several days covering all aspects of water rescue and rescue recovery techniques. After a firefighter completes the basic water rescue training they are later placed through an intense boat operator's course which meets all state boaters requirements and WAC requirements for vessel operators.

The water rescue team is made up of approximately 50 water rescue technicians who help protect the diverse area of water ways in North Snohomish County. We cover both the Stillaguamish as well as the Skagit rivers. Several large and small lakes, creeks, streams are within our 104 square mile service area as well as the Port Susan Bay area of Puget Sound, which is between Camano Island and Snohomish County. With so many different types of bodies of water our members must train on all types of changing weather and water current conditions. The crews all train in active rivers and moving tidal areas with all possible precautions being made to keep our team members safe while training. We have a fully equipped 17 foot rescue boat based at the Warm Beach Fire Station that responds to the larger lakes and Puget Sound whenever needed.

Water Rescue Picture Montage

Our goal is to have a 24 hour all water hazard related team whenever our community needs them. We are committed to a well educated and dedicated team who's number one goal is to provide the best services possible to keep you and your family safe as you enjoy many of the wonderful water ways in our community.