ACT First Aid Classes

ACT To Save a Life is our new one-hour first aid training that focuses on three skills you can use to save a life in the first few minutes of an emergency:

  • Antidote for suspected opiate overdoses.
  • CPR and AED training for cardiac arrest.
  • Tourniquet for severe bleeding control.

The ACT program is based on evidence-based research, supported by over 30 academic references. The program is:

  • An educational outreach program focused on lifesaving interventions;
  • Focused on interventions for conditions that cause death within minutes;
  • Taught in a brief (60-minute) time period, with minimal equipment; and
  • Designed for rapid deployment and scaling; it has a train-the-trainer component, allowing for greater reach and community penetration.

The overall goal of the ACT program is to change outreach training courses to practical application and empower every community member to "ACT" against three leading threats to society:

  • Improving administration of naloxone for suspected opioid overdose victims prior to the arrival of first responders;
  • Increasing bystander CPR: The department had always offered CPR classes to the public but found that training only 16 to 20 individuals in an eight-hour class to be insufficient to meet the need for mass training and response by community members to life-threatening emergencies. Bystander CPR before ACT program initiation was only 58% of Utstein criteria cases; and
  • Stopping life-threating bleeding.

Group ACT Training Classes Available

Do you want to bring ACT / First Aid Training to your business, church, sports or scout group?

For groups over 20, we can schedule your own ACT first aid presentation. We can come to your location for a special event or regularly scheduled meeting.

Please request your group class at least 3 weeks in advance.

Please contact our Administration Office to setup your personal ACT / First Aid Class.

CPR provided immediately after sudden cardiac arrest can double a victim's chance of survival.

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